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NC leader Arzu Rana files complaints against TV channels for defamatory content

KATHMANDU, July 1: Dr Arzu Rana Deuba, a leader of the Nepali Congress (NC), has lodged complaints with the Press Council Nepal against nine television channels. The complaints allege that these channels, including Kantipur Television HD, Sagarmatha TV, and YOHO Television HD, aired objectionable content linking her to Bechan Jha, who was recently arrested in connection with the fake Bhutanese refugee case.

Jha, apprehended in Kanchanpur, stands accused of acting as a middleman in dealings involving a former home minister and secretary. Several media outlets had reportedly implicated Rana in association with Jha, who also mentioned her name during the case.

In her complaints, Rana has called for action against the media outlets responsible for disseminating misleading news aimed at tarnishing her reputation. She has requested the removal of all such inaccurate reports.

“The news reports linking Arzu Rana Deuba to the aforementioned case are unfounded, deceptive, and intended to defame her character,” reads the complaint filed by her personal secretary, Kamal Rawal. “I urge that the editors, publishers, and journalists responsible for producing these misleading reports be held accountable under the law and instructed to retract the false information.”

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