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The Value Of Discipline

The concept of discipline is as old as man’s desire to form society. In fact, discipline is the pre-requisite of civilized life. It is indispensable to peaceful and orderly social life. Obedience to the rightful authority is essential to the proper and smooth functioning of the society.
Discipline is the base of the whole universe. The Earth, the Moon and other planets move on a set orbit around the sun. The sun rises and sets, the moon waxes and wanes, the night follows the day in due order. All these phenomena are governed by some law of nature. Because of this discipline there is perfect harmony and beauty in nature. Discipline starts from home. Discipline is the necessity of life. A man without discipline can achieve nothing worthwhile in life. Discipline is the very condition of progress, stability and strength. Discipline is necessary in all walks of human life. Without discipline there will be disorder and lawlessness. In a civilized society, we can’t live without having some regard for the welfare of others. Respect the authority is the basis of discipline. Children must obey their parents. In schools and colleges, there must be discipline, otherwise education will suffer.

Discipline means order. We can’t lead a decent life without discipline. A disciplined student is admired by everyone. In fact, all education is useless without discipline. As a citizen we have to discipline ourselves and obey the laws whether in home, schools or any other place. Even the government has to keep itself in discipline. When our members of parliament forget discipline and behave in an unruly manner, they earn a bad name for themselves and the country. The truth is that even god is under some kind of discipline. That’s why we see that all natural objects such as the sun, moon and the stars obey the laws of nature.” Wise men preach discipline great men practice it, while fools defy it”. The strength or weakness of a nation can be judged by the presence or absence of discipline in the national life of its people. Discipline is the national virtue of great people. Discipline is the sign of greatest national strength. In discipline and unity lies the strength of India. Our happiness and safety lies in it. Discipline is very necessary for the continuance of a well regulated and orderly life. It is needed in every sphere of life. Its importance in our country to-day is very great. The freedom of the nation can only be safe when we learn the lesson of discipline. Discipline is required for the progress and betterment of individual in his life. It is the guide and guardian of man’s life. All the great men have risen to heights of success and glory by ordering discipline in their lives. So remember that ”if we lose discipline in the family, classroom, or in the field, it will lead us to the path of ruin. So let us change ourselves before it is too late”.

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